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Unique Cave Night Tour

Drive our 700cc Hondas to Macao Beach for a beautiful sunset, then return to our Cenote Cave ranch just as night falls to take a few laps on our private rally track. When we return to the ranch, we will learn about coconut oil, tobacco, rum, coffee, cacao, and the world-famous chocolate tea. Visit a historically recreated Taino village where we will be entertained with a Taino dance show before taking a rejuvenating swim in our spectacular lighted cave at night.

We will enjoy an extraordinary Dominican dinner buffet in our typical restaurant, Yucayeque, after a beautiful walk lined with glowing torches. After dinner, we finish the night by partying and dancing, followed by a short carnival and a bonfire before returning to your hotel.

Excursion includes:

Hotel transfer. Safari truck picks up and returns in Bus.
Approximately 1.5 hours driving time – including night driving on the private rally track
Presentation and tasting of Dominican products
Swimming in cenote caves at night
Dominican dinner: Empanada de yuca | Fried sweet potato | Pork Chops | Pica Pollo / Dominican fried chicken | Vegetarian eggplant lasagna | f. Moro con gandules / Rice with pigeon peas | Mixed Salad | Mixed Vegetables | Typical deserts
Open Bar includes: Beer | wine | Rum | Vodka | Whiskey | Water | Soft Drinks | Cranberry juice/orange juice | Mamajuana | Taino show | Crazy hour carnival/dancing and a bonfire


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